Cheese Kid® likes to do lots of things that are creative when theres nothing to do!

So when you think theres nothing to do.........What's in your recycling? Any empty plastic containers?

You can gather bit's & bob's to build anything you want out of plastic bottles, containers and much more!

What are you waiting for? Go'on, go and find some bit's that you can use to build whatever you want!

Download Cheese Kid Sail Boat Instructions

Building your very own sailing boat......

    • Tape two bottles or containers together to form your base
    • Tape on top across the base another container of your choice
    • Get the material your using for your sailing and cut to the same width as your base.
    • Work out the height your sail will be and cut to size, allow for a slight bend in the middle.
    • Get two pencil's, make two holes to place them vertically into the top container on the base tightly with an even space apart half way in the middle of your boat.
    • Install a third pencil set back from the other towards the back of the boat, again in the top container, again nice and tight with good even space forming a triangle between the pencils
    • Find a flexi straw you can use to act as a pushing out the middle of the sail support.
    • Attach the flexi straw to the set back pencil in a half moon shape.
    • Offer up your sail to see where it will fit and where the holes will line up with the pencils.
    • Measure the distance between the two front pencils as you need to make holes in the sail to place over the pencils to keep your sail in place.
    • Once you have made 4 holes in the sail where the pencils will go through it, slide the sail down the pencils to the bottom pencils and they over the top half of the pencil as close to the top.
    • Tape the tape of the sail to the top of the pencils on each side to prevent the sail from sliding over the top of them once the wind is pushing against the sail.
    • If your now ready you can decorate you boat using stickers, painting it or however you want!
    • Your boat you now be ready to sail.

If you have any problems building you boat, you can email me for any help may you need!


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Download Cheese Kid Sail Boat Instructions









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