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If a game will not load???
Ask your Mum or Dad to follow the instructions below and don't forget to say Please!

If every time, you click on the game page and the game flash’s up then disapears and does not seem to load.

In addition, your cookies need to be enabled go to your web brower settings and go to internet options, select enable cookies.

In security select trusted sites, and add to your trusted sites.

You may see a small red cross on the upper left corner of the game screen or a blue cross

in the middle of the game and sometimes even just a blank space where the game should be and just flashed up,

you can right click in the space and follow the options displayed.

 The games on our website require Macromedia Flash AND Shockwave plug-in players, also Java enabled.

 This software enables you to play flash games on your computer. It only takes a minute to download some of this software,

which you can do so clicking on the following link (please ensure you download the appropiate file for your browser)

 If you still encounter problems please email me

Thank You Very Much.

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