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There are hundreds of types of cheese that are produced in various countries around the world.

Here we try to explain some of the more popular types of Cheese that exist today, and even a few not-so-popular ones!

 Cheese is basically the fresh or ripened product attained after coagulation and whey separation of milk cream or partially skimmed milk, buttermilk or a combination of these products.

Traditionally, Cheese was made as a way of maintaining and retaining the nutrients that are found in milk.

Cheddar Cheese originated from an English village called Cheddar. It is a firm cheese which originates from cow’s milk. This type of cheese is one of the most popular cheeses and varies in taste. It can be of a mild taste to a sharper taste. Because of the recognition of Cheddar Cheese, it is usually readily available and varies in quality as well.

Individuals tend to associate either off-white, pale yellow or even a pumpkin orange colour with cheddar cheese. This originates from dyes being added to the cheese for a change in colour. Cheddar Cheese also has different flavours, which is dependent on the make of the cheese as well as the aging process. Mild tasting cheddars are usually processed for a shorter period of time while a sharper taste would come from cheese processed over a several months.

There are several aspects that make cheddar different from other Cheeses. The bacteria that it is fermented with the process by which it is manufactured and known as ‘cheddaring’ which is a process the Cheese goes through to make the end result distinctive to it's taste.

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